ANABOND STEDMAN PHARMA RESEARCH (P) LTD (ASPR) was established in the year 2005 with the vision of developing, manufacturing and marketing technology-intensive products having applications in the dental and medical sector. ASPR is the first and only Indian company till date to manufacture dental composites and bonding agents, besides other dental restorative and endodontic products.

The Product range of ASPR includes Microhybrid and Nanohybrid radiopaque composites, Flowable composites, Light-cure and Self-cure Orthodontic Adhesives, Phosphoric Acid Etching gel, EDTA solution, Carbamide peroxide root canal conditioner, Calcium Hydroxide paste, etc

The products developed by ASPR are manufactured in an exclusive manufacturing facility for dental consumables. ASPR also has an in-house R&D team that is currently working on development of products such as Silicone Impression Material and Glass Ionomer cement.

ASPR has an exclusive Sales and Marketing Team spanning all of India with a wide Distributor network. ASPR regularly participates in all the National Dental conferences and Dental trade shows.